About LPH

Once upon a time there was a girl with a big dream to do more than just the average day job. She wanted to travel, drink lots of tea, find amazing treasures and make other girls happy with said amazing treasures. So in 2013, Little Paper Hearts was born.

Little Paper Hearts is an Australian online boutique showcasing unique vintage trends that have been sourced both locally and nationally. Owner and founder Caitlin Ryan is passionate about providing amazing on-trend and one of a kind pieces at a reasonable price; vintage doesn’t have to be expensive!

Caitlin, a recent Public Relations graduate, spends her days drinking tea (and chai lattes), working part-time in hospitality and brainstorming bigger and better ideas related to Little Paper Hearts.

This blog was created to share all things fashion and vintage related that have been bubbling around in her head for the last few months. Feel free to head over to our Facebook page to shop the latest looks or swing Caitlin an email at caitlin@littlepaperhearts with any of your own thoughts/ questions/ tea suggestions.


Little Paper Hearts




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