A Pair & A Spare DIY Porcelain Jewelry Stand

I’ve been following Geneva Vanderzeil & her blog A Pair and A Spare for some years now and I am continuously impressed by the amazing life she leads since her blog and career has taken off. From sitting front row at Fashion Weeks all over the world to working hand in hand with Tony Bianco, the jealousy is never ending and she is very deserving of it all. If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, Geneva is the DIY Queen of all the DIY land and her blog provides tutorial after tutorial for readers to attempt themselves at home. I’ve wanted to try one of her projects for awhile but since I wouldn’t even know how to turn a sewing machine on I opted for a very simple one! I am a sucker for jewelry stands so I thought I would give her DIY Porcelain Jewelry Stand a go.


What you need:
Three different sized porcelain plates. I didn’t want the stand to be too big so I used two small plates that were nearly the same size for the bottom and middle level and a saucer for the top.
Two porcelain egg cups
Cotton bud
Geneva used gorgeous matching blue and white porcelain but I wanted to give mine a vintage twist so I used pastel colours and mismatching plates.

How to:
1. Start by putting some superglue on the cotton bud and generously paint the top edge of the egg cup with the glue.
2. Turn the egg cup upside down so the glued side is facing down and carefully press it onto the middle of the biggest plate.
3. Putting more glue on the cotton bud, paint the edges of egg cup base, which is now facing you.
4. Press the next biggest plate onto the egg cup.
5. Repeat the earlier steps of spreading glue onto the top edge of the egg cup and press it onto the middle of the second biggest plate.

6. Add glue to the top of the egg cup like you did before and place the saucer on top, completing the porcelain stack.
7. Leave it to dry overnight before filling it up with your pretty jewels.
What do I use my jewelry stand for? My Michael Kors watch, Pandora charm bracellet and some of my most loved rings. It really is a simple but gorgeous little project so give it a go!

Little Paper Hearts xx